Placenote SDK - Unity  1.8
Create persistent spatial maps of real spaces, using just an iPhone camera!
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CFeaturesVisualizerClass that constructs a pointcloud mesh from the map retrieved from a LibPlacenote mapping/localization session
 CLibPlacenoteSingleton class that acts as a C# wrapper to the C LibPlacenote library
 CMapInfoThe map info return as the result of ListMaps or SearchMaps
 CMapListClass as a container for the JSON that contains information for a list of maps
 CMapLocationStruct that contains location data for the map. All fields are required
 CMapLocationSearchStruct for searching maps by location. All fields are required
 CMapMetadataStruct for getting map metatada
 CMapMetadataSettableStruct for setting map metadata. All fields are optional
 CMapSearchStructure used for searching your maps. All fields are optional. When multiple fields are set the search condition is logically ANDed, returning a smaller list of maps
 CPNCallbackResultUnityStruct that contains results for REST API calls to Placenote Cloud
 CPNCameraIntrinsicsUnityStruct that captures the intrinsic calibration parameters of a pinhole model camera
 CPNFeaturePointUnityStruct that captures information about a feature point created by a Placenote mapping session
 CPNImagePlaneUnityStruct that contains parameters and the pixel buffer of a single channel image
 CPNInitParamsUnityStruct that contains configuration parameters for PNInitialize function, which initializes LibPlacenote SDK
 CPNQuaternionUnityStruct that decribes a rotation quaternion
 CPNTransferStatusUnityStruct that captures the status and progress of a map file transfer between client app and the Placenote Cloud
 CPNTransformUnityStruct that decribes a 6-DOF rigid body transformation
 CPNVector3UnityStruct that decribes a 3-D float vector
 CSimCameraPosesFor Unity Simulator TODO Add comment Unity camera poses
 CLocalizationThumbnailSelectorSingleton class that selects a localization thumbnail based on the amount of good features a frame is tracking, and returns the texture via TextureEvent action
 CMainThreadTaskQueueSingleton helper class that enables running delegates on the main UI thread
 CPlacenoteCameraManagerClass that manipulates the parent node of the ARKit controlled camera object to rotate the camera to the coordinate frame of the LibPlacenote mapping/localization session
 CUnityARImageFrameDataClass that contains parameter and buffer for a YUV 420 image from ARKit